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Mainnav is a leading brand of GPS Data logger.

Their MG600 cycle computer uses GPS to record speed, distance, altitude, and post ride, you can download the route completed onto Google Earth or its own Pro Athlete software.

Mainnav's new MW735 GPS Sports watch is every runner's perfect running accessory. It records all data and allows you to download it, post training, for further analysis.


MG 600 Sports Watch
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Clark's Cycle Systems started producing individual cables for bikes over 60 years ago.

Its range now has significantly increased to include a huge range of cycle components including brake and disc pads, grips, chains, saddles, disc brakes, V brake sets, handlebar tape and bottle cages.

Clark's has also developed a quality range of mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes which are being fitted as original equipment by top bike brands around the world.

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PTFE Coated Chains
 2 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake System
cnc bike sets brake pack
Titanium blackrail utralite weight race saddle
Hydraulic disc brake system 790

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Gipiemme is one of the oldest and most famous names in the world bicycle business. This Italian company specialises in producing high performance wheels for road, track and mountain bike use.

Gipiemme only uses the highest quality carbon fibre and aluminium material in its wheels which are world-renowned.

Gipiemme also make a range of handlebars and seatposts.

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ODI from California is THE grip company, producing quality, innovative grips for mountain bikes and BMX use.

ODI's patented Lock-On Grips have become the industry standard and the system prevents any twisting of the grip on the handlebar to give maximum rider control.

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ODI introduced the world's first 'Flight Control' MTB bars with an adjustable width feature - this allows riders to change width to suit different types of terrain.

ODI's Flight Control stems, with its exclusive clamping system, allows you to secure the top 2 bolts before tightening the lower bolts. This gives a truer clamping surface.

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Long Neck
Stay Strong Lock
The Machine (BMX)

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Ibike Power Meters

In the past few years easily the most important training tool has become a ‘Power Meter’!

A Power Meter allows you to simply look at a computer to see if you are having a good or bad day out training.

Most cycling coaches insist on one, but until now they have been prohibitively expensive.

The new ‘Ibike Power meter’ is unique in that it does not use any strain gauges to calculate power output, rather it uses complex physics and environmental data to calculate power. This makes it interchangeable between bikes, as wheel and crank size calibration isn’t necessary!

Ibike uses ANT and wireless protocol for communicating, so it is compatible with Garmin sensors, so you can use with branded computer, heart rate and cardiac products.

The other great thing about the ibike range are the prices.

The Newton Plus Power Meter retails at under €700 (£560), so it is VERY competitive with other brands.


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